WikiLeaks: The New Journal Of Record

Move over Reuters. Gangway Associated Press. The New York Times should also take note. As far as truth in media goes, WikiLeaks blows away the competition. After the upcoming election’s mudslinging has concluded, which major media outlet should be trusted to deliver the news? Whether it is radio, print, television or the Internet, most have become politically-biased voices with massive axes to grind. Enter WikiLeaks.

For those who maintain the idea that conventional print is still far superior to digital news sources, consider this. The only place the public can go for the straight scoop about politics, government and most everything else controversial is WikiLeaks, a digitally-based media site. That’s right. In the midst of the current election season, while most daily journals, television, radio stations and Internet sites have been pulling for Hillary, as much as the FOX Entertainment Group, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and others are backing Donald Trump, WikiLeaks has made thousands of Clinton’s emails public. No need for a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as long as WikiLeaks is around. What’s more, though the FBI and the State Department claimed they could not find the presidential candidate’s emails, WikiLeaks proved otherwise. That seems to say the scandal has become a matter of politics and not investigative analysis. After all, it is the FBI.

Generally speaking, WikiLeaks, established in 2006, provides the ability to view how things really are. Veteran NBC television reporter Andrea Mitchell recently pointed out how WikiLeaks dumped a bunch of emails that provide the kind of information only seen years after sitting politicians have left office. According to Mitchell, it is almost like “getting a view in real time.” The same cannot be said for any of the leading newspapers or their radio and television counterparts around the country. In essence, WikiLeaks, a nonprofit organization, has the ability to set things straight. Talk about transparency and free speech. WikiLeaks has become the media’s only check and balance.

Notorious Australian publisher Julian Assange is the founder and editor of WikiLeaks. Assange, who is wanted for questioning regarding criminal charges in Sweden, remains on the run. He has been holed up in London’s Ecuadorean Embassy since 2012. While living in asylum at the embassy, he continues to release hotly-debated documents and emails. Assange is clearly on par with journalist Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, or even Jesuit priest activist Daniel Berigan and the Catonsville Nine. Berigan also had to go on the lamb for a while.

Though some maintain Julian Assange is a criminal at large, others say he deserves kudos. Meanwhile, WikiLeaks keeps pumping out information that news organizations like The New York Times only wishes it could be the first to publish, or perhaps squelch. Borrowing from an old political saying, WikiLeaks is like a window that allows viewers to see how their sausage is made. Whether or not anyone looks is the real question.

Photo: Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) with nimbus, stencil in Leipzig Connewitz – Herder3, own work/Creative Commons (CC); WL Hourglass Bottom Logo used by WikiLeaks – Media kit images for publication/CC; Julian Assange photo – Martina Harris/Julian Assange, public domain/CC; usage of photos does not constitute endorsement by the authors and sources.

Video: America Trusts WikiLeaks More Than the FBI and Dinosaur Media- Lionel Nation/YouTube


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