WikiLeaks, Assange: Making A Difference

Whether you like him or not, Julian Assange has struck a chord with his contentious email dumps. Why else would the Ecuadorean embassy, the very place that has provided the WikiLeaks founder and editor asylum from the authorities, attempt to shut down his Internet connection? They tried to squelch Assange directly after he disseminated emails about Hillary Clinton’s high paid Wall Street speeches. It seems someone or something has gotten to the Ecuadorans. But a private detective will not be needed to figure this one out.

WikiLeaks has released thousands of emails during the height of America’s election season. Due to the timing, some would say Assange has an axe to grind. Others may feel he has brought a dose of transparency to a heated presidential campaign. Whatever you think Assange is doing, he must be onto something, despite media voices like CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who told his audience on Monday, “…remember it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents. It’s different for the media. So everything you learn about this, you’re learning from us.” Apparently, Cuomo, an attorney, is not aware of the first amendment. But that is precisely the point why Assange is dumping the emails. Furthermore, as for the critics of WikiLeaks, they are not even trying to suggest that Assange has falsified any documents. That idea was dispelled a while ago.

Considering the effect WikiLeaks is having on the election, some could argue, in a way, Assange has almost become a third party candidate by proxy. The truth of the matter is WikiLeaks has garnered more headlines than Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson combined. In essence, Julian Assange is attempting to shape public opinion with the truth. Imagine, using the truth in front of the American people. What a novel idea. Go figure. By the way, Assange’s Internet connection was quickly restored by means of a secret contingency plan. The truth is usually hard to silence.

Photos: Julian Assange at New Media Days 09 in Copenhagen –Source Julian Assange 20091117, derivative work (Cirt) talk/Creative Commons (CC); Graffiti en la Ribera de Deusto, Bilbao Zarateman – own work (CC); usage of photos does not constitute endorsement by sources/authors. Video – “Controlled opposition exposed – Julian Assange, Edward Snowden & ‘Anonymous'”/Zachary K Hubbard/YouTube.



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