Ecuador Caves: Assange Has Been Severed

While Julian Assange continues to make waves, he and WikiLeaks are curiously absent from Yahoo’s home page. Though the WikiLeaks story remains in the headlines nearly every day, the gutsy global news organization is conspicuously absent on Yahoo’s Trending List. What’s more, the Ecuadorean embassy in London has now shut down the WikiLeaks editor’s Internet access, while simultaneously providing asylum to Assange. A representative for Ecuador told the media that the country does not want to influence the American election. Of course, the Brits do not have a First Amendment like the United States, so everything being done to stop WikiLeaks over there is legal. But despite Yahoo, the British government and the Ecuadorean embassy, this is not the end of the WikiLeaks story.

According to The Duran, which covers news and commentary, on Wednesday, WikiLeaks confirmed, “US Secretary of State John Kerry asked the Ecuadorean government to shut down Assange and his leaks of Clinton’s emails.” For the moment, the State Department has not confirmed the story, but multiple sources apparently have corroborated Kerry’s involvement. What would be the Secretary of State’s motivation to put a halt on the hemorrhaging of Hillary and her staff’s emails? In all probability, the answer can be traced back to the White House. Do you really think Kerry makes a move without the president knowing about it? Not likely. But the questions are not finished.

No doubt, 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue, which touts itself as being transparent, is involved in crushing the WikiLeaks email dumps. It looks as though the president wants to deny Assange’s right to freedom of expression, because WikiLeaks is affecting the American election. If Hillary Clinton is so far ahead of the opposition in the polls, there should be no reason to worry. Yet, Ecuador has silenced Assange at the behest of John Kerry. Clearly, somebody is afraid the American electorate will see the truth. But sometimes things just speak for themselves. Meantime, no matter what Vice President Biden says, there still is no evidence that the Russians are assisting WikiLeaks. There goes that transparency issue again. No wonder they all want Assange muzzled.

Photos: John Kerry – United States Congress/public domain/Creative Commons (CC); WL Hourglass Bottom Logo used by WikiLeaks – Media kit images for publication/CC; Julian Assange at New Media Days 09 in Copenhagen –Source Julian Assange 20091117, derivative work (Cirt) talk/CC; usage of photos does not constitute endorsement by the authors/sources. Video – Glenn Greenwald educates CNN on reporting Hillary Clinton Wikileaks publications/1791L/YouTube. 


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