Ed Mangano: Indicted And Not Sorry

Ed Mangano was a janitor who eventually graduated from Hofstra Law School. He worked his way up through the ranks becoming Nassau County Executive, the highest ranking official in the county. But as Nassau’s top civil servant, Mangano became dirty. He has now been indicted on 13 counts of corruption, which begs the question, what else has the Bethpage resident tainted in his seven year tenure. Suddenly, issues like losing the Islanders and building the new Nassau Coliseum take on an aura of suspicion, true or not. But this is just the beginning of the story in Nassau County.

Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto has also been indicted on similar charges of graft and corruption. In hindsight, no wonder the Town of Oyster Bay remains in junk bond status. Put it all together with the conviction of former New York Senate leader Dean Skelos, also from Nassau County, and it looks as though the western half of Long Island has become a hotbed of government abuse. With that said, consider this.

To show you the brazen gall of Mangano, on the very day he was arrested, his office sent out invitations to a business breakfast called “Eggs With Ed.” This, as the middle class is slowly disappearing from Long Island. What’s more, Mangano has vowed not to step down.The Long Island is in crisis and nobody is minding the store. By the way, Ed Mangano’s wife Linda was also arrested.

Photo: CBS New York/YouTube; Video – ABC News 7/YouTube.


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