Led Zeppelin: ‘You Shook Me’ In Standard Tuning


Led ZeppelinWith Earl Hooker on lead and slide guitar played in standard tuning, Muddy Waters turned “You Shook Me” into a blues classic that has been covered several times over. During the 1960s blues-rock explosion, Led Zeppelin’s guitar god, Jimmy Page, proved blues music was best sampled amped up and fully electrified when Zep tackled “You Shook Me.” No doubt, Page and Plant’s rendition oozed with metal and attitude.

Jimmy mapped out an E-minor pentatonic slide route during “You Shook Me” and then took off from there. Slow and easy with plenty of six-string riffing up and down the neck best describes this Zeppelin gem. Page’s slide phrasing is heavy and edgy yet powerfully smooth. Yup! That’s why he’s Jimmy Page! From Led Zeppelin’s 1969 debut album, they were innovative music artists at work.

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