Loud Robot: Is More Movielike Indie Music on the Way?

JJ Abrams-jpg.comHollywood film director, producer and screenwriter J.J. Abrams revealed plans last week for an independent music label named Loud Robot. Development will center on recognized artists as well as new musicians. According to Rolling Stone, Abrams, who currently is producing Star Wars: Episode IX, has added McKee Floyd (Mumford & Sons, Childish Gambino, Phoenix, Chvrches), Nicky Berger (Berger Management, Fort William Artist Management) and Charles Scott (Star Trek, “Roadies”) to the Loud Robot team.

Reports indicate Abrams and Loud Robot expect “To place the original music in…film, television shows and games.” This surely means a big break for some independent musicians who otherwise might not have the same opportunity. Kudos clearly go to Abrams and Loud Robot for pursuing emerging talent. In fact, Abrams’s influence on popular music could turn out to have a rippling effect if indie bands begin leaning more toward a cinematic approach while creating new material. That could be one way to gain Loud Robot’s attention.

Though cinematic rock is particularly meant to be watched, other music categories have an affinity for filling that special audio-visual connection. Besides orchestral pieces, symphonic metal seems well-suited for contemporary cinematic concepts. That’s just for starters. Then again, Abrams and Loud Robot already know all of this.

Video: Wochit Business/Youtube

Photo: By Neil Grabowsky / “Montclair Film Festival”

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