Slide Guitar, MXR’s Blue Box and A Micro POG: Meet the Delta Blues

The “Mississippi” Fred McDowell melody was recorded using a Fender® Stratocaster, chrome pinky slide and a Jim Dunlop USA® 1.14mm nylon pick (purple). The Strat is plugged directly into an Electro Harmonix Micro POG®, MXR® Blue Box fuzz pedal and Catalinbread DLS pedal, in that order; the chain goes into a Fender Blues Jr. with the Fat switch off. The POG’s ® octave up feature provides a thicker bell-like tone.

The audio for the clip was recorded as a WAV file by means of an H1 ZOOM Handy Recorder on a six inch tripod, placed off center approximately eight inches from the Blues Jr.’s speaker cone. The file was edited and mixed using Audacity® and VSDC Video Editor. The Blue Box volume knob is set at two o’clock with the blend maxed and the DLS on Super Lead mode.

Music: slide guitar

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